My Favorite Bunk Beds with Stairs for Sale

Choosing between bunk beds with stairs is like choosing the best car. There are a lot of models, all of them come in different sizes, colors and with different features. Parent with one child don’t have this problem. On the other side, we who have two children, must get bunk bed with stairs. I had to google for 2 months, before I was able to get the best bunk bed. Luckily, I was able to find the Atlantic Furniture Woodland Staircase Bunk Bed.

At first, I thought it was just another bed of this type, so there isn’t anything special with it. However, when I got it and when I assembled it, I realized that this bed is special.


The bunk beds with stairs I like the most

All panels are beautifully made, so you can see the high quality. Even better, they are reinforced with steel plates, so they are resistant and durable. This is an important factor due to the fact you will know that your children will be safe. Later I find out that most bunk beds don’t have these reinforces, so they cannot withstand ‘’child use’’ such as jumping and etc. Reinforcements are almost hidden, so they don’t have a negative effect to the design and the look of this bed.

Safety is another thing I like the most. It is closely related to the previous advantage I mentioned, but there are a lot of safety additions I like. In any case, this model is one of the best, simply because it comes with latest safety standards. As a parent, this is more than important for me, therefore I believe that this is one of the best bunk beds with stairs on the market.

Available colors include caramel latte, walnut, white and antique walnut. This is another, great addition, and it is harder than you may think to find a bunk bed that is available in different colors. Most products I was able to find are either white or black, which is boring and doesn’t allow you to blend it in a room. Bunk beds with stairs should be available in different colors, simply because this is the best way to buy something for your kids that they will appreciate.

Drawers under the bed are also something that I must mention. They make this bunk bed more practical and a much better choice, simply because they are practical, obviously. They are designed for beddings and pillows, which means that you don’t need additional cabinets in a room. Even better, they are made on the same way as the rest of the bed, so they offer high-quality and they are durable. On the other side, they are not very heavy, so opening and closing them isn’t a problem. According to my experience, not all bunk beds with stairs have this feature, but it is more than needed, so I highly recommend this or similar product with this great addition. An interesting fact is that these drawers don’t increase the price of this product, so it is relatively affordable.


What I don’t like

Assembling process should be simpler. I spend 4 hours in order to fully assemble this bunk bed and I didn’t have a great time. I personally believe that a well-experienced person can complete it sooner and without a problem, but most parents are like me, ordinary people, so they may have hard times assembling this bed. The main issue is with the manual. It is a bit complicated to understand and some steps are too hard.

Another thing I am not thrilled about this bunk bed is the fact it is too heavy. The weight is more than 300 pounds, so don’t expect to carry, move or transport it by yourself. This means that you are going to need help. However, I can understand this issue, simply because this is a large bunk bed and it is made from solid wood. Even better, it has some components made from steel, which makes it safe and well-made.

According to my personal belief, I can tell you what I believe are the pros and cons about this bunk bed.

Atlantic Bunk Bed with Stairs


  • One of the best bunk beds with stairs for this price.
  • Safe.
  • Made from solid wood.
  • Large.
  • Comfortable.
  • Comes with drawers.
  • Stairs can be mounted on either side.


  • Hard to assemble.
  • Heavy.
  • Instructions are problematic.

What my children say about this bunk bed

Bunk beds with stairs were the only choice for me, due to the fact my children like them and they want them. That’s why I had to research a lot of different bunk beds until I was able to find this model. The best part about it is that it can put smiles on the faces of your children. My children especially like the level of comfort this bed has to offer. In fact, on the first day, when they slept in the bed, they didn’t want to get out.

Another fact they like about this bed is that it is fun. Stairs are high and it is interesting to climb them. Due to the aforementioned benefits, this bunk bed is safe, so jumping is more than possible. I know that my children have tried this advantage several times and the bed is still here! My boys have also commented the look of this bunk bed. They say that it looks much better than their friends have, and they are proud of it.

The bottom line

Bunk beds with stairs are mandatory if you have more than just one child. Luckily, with this model, choosing the best bunk bed isn’t a problem. It is well-made, it has the best safety features and it is comfortable. All of this is something that your children will appreciate. The best part of this bunk bed is the fact it is available in different colors, so you can choose the one you like and the one that will suit perfectly in a room.