The Best Bunk Bed with Stairs

Bunk beds have been a favorite among kids and teens alike for decades. You might have fond memories of summer camp, where you would crawl into your bunk bed and whisper secrets with your friends long into the night. Bunk beds are also a popular choice in places where space is limited. Dorm rooms, army quarters, ships, retreat centers, and even prisons have used bunk beds with stairs to create maximum sleeping spaces in cramped areas.


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Bunk beds are generally made by stacking the frames of two twin sized beds together with four supportive pillars bracing the entire structure. To make it easier to reach the top bed, stairs are often added.


Whether you are shopping for a bunk bed for your children or you want one for personal use in a small space, there are several important things to look for along the way. Let’s take a look at the most important features of bunk beds with stairs and determine which materials, safety features, and sizes will offer the best quality and durability.


Best Bunk Bed Materials


Bunk beds can be made from several materials but the most common are wood, metal, or a combination of the two. For the sake of safety and durability, it’s best to avoid bunk beds made from particle board as these will easily chip, break, and bend causing safety concerns. Instead, opt for hardwoods like maple, cedar, or oak. If you want a metal frame, steel is always the best choice. The larger the metal tubing, the more secure the frame will be and the less likely you will be to see bending or warping of the frame after months or years of use.

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Choose a Sturdy Frame


As you shop for bunk beds with stairs for sale, make sure you choose a model that is sturdy. The frame should never wobble and it should be fairly heavy when assembled. Always double check the hardware to be sure that all nuts are screws are tightly secured. Over time, these can gradually loosen so it’s smart to check the hardware and tighten it again every few months just to insure that the frame is still in good shape.


Measure Carefully and Maximize Space


While bunk beds are generally designed to help you save space, some of them can be quite bulky. Take careful measurements of the space where you plan to use the bed to see what size will realistically fit within the chosen area. Pay careful attention to the bunk bed stairs and how far they protrude as this can make a big impact on how much space you need for the bed to fit in your room.


Safety Considerations


Safety is one of the most pressing concerns with bunk beds. If you plan to have a young child sleeping in the top of the bunk bed, you’ll want to choose a model that includes safety rails to prevent a middle of the night fall that could lead to major injuries. Choose a manufacturer that has a good reputation for safety features and make sure to avoid bunk beds with unfinished wood that could lead to splinters. If the bed will be placed in a child’s room, choose a style that doesn’t have sharp corners and edges.


Top Bunk Beds with Stairs for sale


While there are dozens of bunk beds to choose from in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials, here is a look at five of the top rated bunk beds with stairs that would be a good choice for maximizing space while maintaining safety as a priority.


Bedz King Stairway Bunk Twin Over Twin Bed with 3 Drawers

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The Bedz King stairway bunk bed comes in a beautiful honey finish and offers a child-safe design. With no particle board to worry about and extra drawer space as a bonus, it’s a smart option when you’re short on space but need additional storage.


  • Built-in stairs offer easy access to top bunk
  • Made from solid Brazilian Pine in a honey finish
  • Child-safe with no particle board and included guard rails
  • Twin over twin design can convert to separate single beds


If you are looking for a bunk bed with stairs that offers some extra storage, you will love this particular design. Each step doubles as a drawer, giving you maximum usage of the space in a functional way. The safety features of this bunk bed are top of the line with guard rails, quality hardware, and a smooth coating over the finish to prevent cracks and splintering. In terms of functionality, the Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed really offers something special with easy conversion to two separate twin beds.


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The only real downside is that this bunk bed is quite heavy, making it somewhat challenging to assembly. However, a heavier weight is expected considering the solid wood construction and that’s probably actually a great safety feature. Because the bed is so sturdy, you won’t have to worry about it falling apart or wobbling when you or a child are sleeping. I would highly recommend this bed, especially if you could use the extra storage space or plan to place bunk beds in a child’s room.


Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed with Trundle in White Finish


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This Twin Over Full Stair Stepper bunk bed is fit for a princess with a beautiful white finish and additional drawer space hidden on the side. The trundle bed is another fun feature that offers additional sleeping space, perfect for a child who loves to have sleepover parties or someone who frequently entertains overnight guests.


  • Beautiful white finish
  • Twin over full design
  • 3 side drawers offer additional storage
  • Trundle Bed accommodates 8-inch mattress


This stair stepper bed is very sturdy and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear from regular use. It includes safety rails for the top bunk and a slide out trundle bed on the bottom. You could potentially have four people sleeping on this bunk bed if the trundle is pulled out for use. The stairs are made well with no wobbling and the entire structure feels quite sturdy and secure.

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The only major drawback to this bunk bed is that is not completely made from real hardwood, but there is actually a good reason. When you try to put a solid white finish over the top of solid wood, it can be next to impossible to hide imperfections and knots in the wood. For that reason, this bed is made from solid pine on all structurally significant areas and medium density fiberboard was substituted in other areas to help reduce the need for touch-ups on the paint and finish.


While it’s usually best to opt for a solid wood construction on bunk beds, this particular bed got it right by using solid wood on the areas that matter most for safety while subbing in MDF in other areas to reduce the need for maintenance.


Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed Twin Over Full with 6 Drawers



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Coming up with extra space to hide toys, clothes, or books is easy with this Bedz King stairway twin over full bunk bed. You’ll enjoy a total of six storage drawers tucked neatly into the bed’s frame and providing more storage space without sacrificing on style.


  • Made from solid Brazilian Pine in cappuccino finish
  • Child-safe with no particle board
  • 4 drawers hidden in the steps and 2 under bed drawers
  • Twin bed on top, full bed on bottom


This beautiful bunk bed with stairs offers a child-safe design with maximum storage space. With a total of six drawers, there is plenty of room to spare! Bedz King designed this bed with safety in mind, including rails along the stairway and on the sides of the top bunk. The bottom bunk features a full size bed, giving you more space for sleeping. This bed was tested for safety in an independent laboratory, and it was designed to be exceptionally sturdy and bottom-heavy.

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While this bunk bed is a good bit larger than some, that extra space is not wasted with every spare inch converted into sleeping space or functional storage. If you have enough floor space to accommodate the full-size bed on the bottom, this bunk bed would definitely be a smart choice to really make the most of your available floor space.


Discovery World Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with Drawer Storage


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This beautiful bunk bed features an espresso finish that gives it an elegant look that would work for any age. Drawers are tucked in every available space on this bed, giving you optimal use of space without sacrificing style.


  • Sturdy solid wood construction
  • Staircase arrives fully assembled
  • Elegant espresso finish
  • Total of 7 storage drawers


Discovery World designed this twin over full staircase bunk bed with storage in mind. While it’s elegant enough to go in a professional loft or studio apartment, it could easily be used in child’s room where storage is needed for toys and games. There are four drawers built into the side of the staircase and three more drawers slide out from underneath the bottom full size bed. This is a major amount of storage hidden within plain sight, making smart use of space in every nook and cranny.

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Another huge perk with this particular bed is that the staircase comes fully assembled, which drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to assemble the bed. The vast majority of bunk beds with stairs require you to assemble the steps, which can be a tedious process so this is a definite advantage with the Discovery World model.


One thing to remember is that this bed is very heavy, weighing in at 287 pounds. However, the heavier weight means it will be very sturdy and safe, even if it’s being used by an adult. One of the main reasons for the heavier weight is extra wood used in the drawer spaces, which really set this bunk bed apart as one of the best options out there for cramped areas.  With 7 drawers and a gorgeous espresso finish, I would definitely recommend this particular model to anyone who is looking for a bunk bed with stairs.


My Final Recommendation


While each of these bunk beds with stairs has definite advantages and excellent safety features, my absolute favorite is the Discovery World Twin Over Full in the Espresso finish. This is a piece of furniture that could be used by any age and if you are purchasing a bunk bed for a child, this is a piece that can grow up with your kid and be used with any type of changing décor. The additional drawer storage really sets this piece over the top, making it a winning choice for anyone that needs a bunk bed to maximize floor space.

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