The Best Roll Top Desk for Sale

You may be in the market for a new desk to place in your office.  Maybe you want one of those nice “L” shaped desks that sit perfectly in the corner and offers plenty of tabletop space. But, perhaps you do not like how cramped these “L” shaped desks always seem to be when sitting at them. Maybe you want something a little more free natured; a piece that offers you a peek in to the world long forgotten. A nice, beautiful roll top desk provides just that, along with an elegance that is sure to stand out.


Designed in the 19th century, to enhance the pedestal desk, the roll top desks key features are a series of shelves and compartments that stack in front of the sitter and cover by a sheet of wooden slates that slide in the grooves of raised sides. The base can offer filing drawers perfect for important documents and locks to keep them private. Roll top desks offer convenience and variety with a sense of style; add a beautiful finish, and there are few rooms the roll top desk cannot enrich.


How Do You Assemble It?


Let’s decide this answer best revolves around where you purchase your roll top desk. When it comes to furniture, I am a true believer in “Older is better,” and, with such a rich history, roll top desks can be found in many antique shops, but, be prepared to be set back several hundred bucks…plus whatever your friend charges to help you move this masterpiece, as true antique roll top desks can weight up to a couple hundred pounds.


If ordered off the internet, a roll top desk will usually ship in three major sections: the top and two sides. Two professionals, who know what they are doing, can assemble a roll top desk in eight minutes, so, it is fair to say that us manly men, with our habit of disregarding the manual, can accomplish this feat within thirty minutes.


All you have to do is position the two sides at the correct length and attach the back panel; this will help ensure the stability. Then, screw in the middle, sliding drawer (if applicable). Once the base of the roll top desk is complete the rest is pretty simple just put the top in place and add the screws through the pre-drilled holes.




All right, we’ve decided to purchase a pre-made roll top desk and assemble it at home because, along with the wood and tools, you’re looking at dropping, at least, two grand. This can be a problem if you have little experience in wood working as even the most simple plans require advanced knowledge and the smallest mishap could put you out hundreds.


However, it never hurts to understand what you are signing up for when you purchase your roll top desk. In the boxes, you will find the wood (obviously), screws, metal brackets, file rods (for most roll top desks) and maybe some handles/knobs if not already attached. The smaller pieces are vaster and may seem overwhelming at first, but no worries, all you need is a screwdriver and you’ve got this covered.


Which Finish To Choose?


Perhaps the biggest question you are faced with when purchasing a roll top desk is the finish. With a variety of choices, from Maple to a Glossy Cherry, this task can be daunting. The best advice you can be offered is to know what room you want to place your roll top desk in and go from there.


What Is The Warranty?


As with any product, warranty for the roll top desk will depend, typically, on the place of purchase. A big box office store, such as Staples or Office Max, may offer warranty services through secondary source while some products purchased from the online market, can come with up to a five-year warranty on free replacement parts.


Roll Top Desk For Sales





[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B009U02HVG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”danielle05-20″ width=”500″]


At 107 pounds and 41.5 inches wide this roll top desk can fit spaciously anywhere, and includes:


  • Footrest shelf
  • Copious storage space
  • Beautiful turned legs
  • Fold out top


If you are looking for a more modern take on the traditional roll top desk, this beauty offers the qualities we love, with a little spin; the top folds out offering that desired table top space which comes in handy when taking notes on multiple items. There is a comfortable footrest at the bottom, but, if you’re like me, this will probably become the storing space for that wicker basket you have filling up with unread magazines. The legs stand out with an exquisite design that is sure to turn heads.

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B009U02HVG” key=”wide-light” locale=”US” tag=”danielle05-20″]


There are really no set backs for this lovely roll top desk. Though, if I had to nit-pic, I would go after weight. At 107 pounds and a large top, one person could have a little trouble moving this on their own. However, a cold six-pack could bribe a pretty good friend to come over and help you get her in place. Then, sit back and watch them marvel in humbled jealousy at how beautiful this piece is.


I would certainly recommend this desk based off of looks alone, but, again, with the added storage space, you could do far worse.



[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B002QGQH9O” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”danielle05-20″ width=”500″]


Looking for something a little more unique? The Autum Maple Finish on this beautiful desk offers top-notch luxury without breaking the bank. Just a few features include:


  • Cubbyhole storage
  • Lower drawer with full extension slides w
  • Eligible For Free Replacement Parts
  • T-lock assembly


Cubbyhole storage is always a great idea for a desk. It’s a convenient way to sort important papers without worrying about losing anything. This roll top desk is great for people who like to be organized. With a lower drawer with full extension slides, you are offered more room to store important documents too big for the cubbyholes. This is perfect for tax documents, medical records and, perhaps because you wasted thousands of dollars trying to build one yourself, divorce papers and if you’re worried about prying eyes, the t lock assembly offers supreme protection. As far as the free replacement parts, what better way to wipe that smile off your ex-spouse than by replacing a wooden shelf for free?

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B002QGQH9O” key=”wide-light” locale=”US” tag=”danielle05-20″]


The only visible set back for this desk, for me, is the top. There are no wooden slates that roll, nor, panel that folds. However, is it really that important given the physique of this timeless classic? Without a rolling top, you will still be able to do all the things necessary, and without the worry of breaking a crucial part of the desks designs.


This is a perfectly sound desk that grants you the privilege of feeling like a rock star every time you sit down to do work. If you have to work, might you as well have a little eye-candy? I’d recommend this desk to anyone looking for a sturdy foundation and style to match



[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00AASOFJO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”danielle05-20″ width=”500″]


Weighing in at only 48 pounds, this roll top desks features:


  • Rolling top cover
  • 4 mail slots
  • Made of hand carved wood


Now, that you are clear of present danger with that crazy person out of your way, you have the option of buying a hand carved wooden roll top desk. Invite the ex over and tell some tall tales. Convince her it was she and not you and her eyes will light up and back off to the church (or courthouse) you’ll be. With 4 mail slots you can separate bills, invitations, trash and letters, depending on which is more important to your way of life, and, my favorite feature of the roll top desk, a rolling top cover. Perfect to keep the nosey guests clueless on whether you actually own a piano or not.

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B00AASOFJO” key=”wide-light” locale=”US” tag=”danielle05-20″]


The con for this desk is the elimination of the base drawers, but given how much weight is lifted off the desk itself, I think it’s an elimination you’ll learn to love, not to mention the ample amount of legroom that is offered.


With a simplistic, yet, elegant design, the decision to purchase this roll top desk will not disappoint. It’s small enough to fit most any wall and even comes with the choice of white.


[easyazon_link identifier="B01BNXQ43Y" locale="US" tag="danielle05-20"]MYLAN ROLL TOP DESK[/easyazon_link]


[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”400″ identifier=”B01BNXQ1AU” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”danielle05-20″ width=”400″]


This 54 inch wide Chelsea Home roll top desk comes in at a whopping 174 pounds and brings with it all the details of the first designs for. Its features include:


  • Cherry finish
  • 7 mail slot
  • 4 base drawer
  • 2 lockable filing drawers


If you want a color that shines and offers the most privileged feel, cherry is always the way to go. It also comes equipped with 7 mail slots for 7 days of the week and 4 base drawers gives you the room and space to add all the miscellaneous items, such as calculator, stapler, pens and pencils, etc., you just do not want crowding the top when you are trying to do work. The 2 lockable filing drawers also offer superior privacy to ensure no one snoops around your most important documents.

[easyazon_cta align=”center” identifier=”B01BNXQ1AU” key=”wide-light” locale=”US” tag=”danielle05-20″]


My only concern with this desk is everything it has going on for it. Seven base drawers (including keyboard drawer) alone is crazy; that’s not to mention the 8 up top, as well as the mailing slots. But hey, if you are a busy bee with lots of stuff going on, then that makes this perfect.


I’d certainly recommend this desk to any person deathly serious about work and organization. While anyone in the market could benefit from this roll top desks amazing features, it just seems, the space and opportunity with this one is limitless, which is always good for those constantly on the move and always seeming to run out of space.


My Recommendation


There are no bad choices with any of these desks. They each offer their own perspectives with sturdy foundations surely to get the job done. However, based purely off design, I would have to go with the Coaster Home Furnishings Transitional Secretary Desk. It’s unique design and budget-friendly price makes any project feel like a new experience.