Contractors and Remodelers Assured, but Designers Less Thus

The barometer index monitors business confidence among architects, designers, general contractors and remodelers, design-build companies, building and renovation specialization companies, and landscape and outside specialty companies.

Increases in the amount of inquiries and new jobs, and the size of new jobs, in comparison with the preceding quarter, have led to business self-assurance. Many companies have reported a rise in kitchen and bathroom renovations, smart technology and aging-associated jobs up to now in 2016 compared to an identical period in 2015.

Barometer readings in the last six quarters have revealed consistent self-assurance in the home renovation business, despite little softening in some sectors, says Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz.

More jobs from Gen Xers and baby boomers. Though there’s the increase across the board, companies are seeing increases in demand especially among customers ages 35 and upwards. Half or more companies reported a rise in jobs from Gen Xers (ages 35 to 54) in the first half of the year when compared with an identical period a year ago. Jobs from baby boomers (55-plus) grown for greater than one-third of all kinds of businesses.



Kitchen and bathroom jobs on the rise. In comparison with exactly the same period a year ago, kitchen and bathroom jobs are increasing in the first half of 2016, with half or more of companies reporting an increase. Companies also have found a rise in customers buying high-end products and handling several jobs at a time.

Kitchen and bathroom jobs on the rise

More smart house and aging-associated upgrades. The first half of 2016 also found more specialized jobs in comparison with an identical period in 2015. A third of businesses across all business sectors found increases in smart house technology and aging-associated upgrades. Many companies also have seen a growth in energy-efficiency upgrades and eco-friendly, or eco-friendly, jobs.

Renovation marketplace powerful. The renovation marketplace continues to perform well, based on the quarterly study from Houzzs research team, with general contractors and outside professionals feeling especially great about the business setting when compared with the previous quarter. Designers, architects, and design-build companies, on the other hand, are feeling a little less assured in the business environment than they did at first of the year.

Business assurance softening a little. The Houzz Renovation Barometer measures assurance in the renovation business each quarter among multiple classifications of renovation professionals: architects, designers, general contractors and remodelers, design-build companies, building and renovation specialists, and landscape and outside professionals. A number above 50 indicates that more companies reported that business activity is upward than those that reported it’s down.

On the other hand, the scores also suggest a drop in self-confidence among design-related professions.

Architects, designers, and design-build firms posted assurance scores that were 5 to 7 percent less than their answers in the past three months. This softening underscores the quarter-over-quarter increases in a number of new questions and jobs, in addition to the size of new jobs, weren’t as prevalent as they were in the preceding quarter.

Assurance scores for general contractors and remodelers remained level in the second quarter when compared with the first.

The first group comprises landscape architects, designers, and contractors, along with outside replacement trades (pavers) and outside merchandise installers, manufacturers, and resellers (as an example, of pools and hot tubs).

DataWatch Architects

A slowing increase in new business activity. In line with the drop in self-confidence scores, renovation professionals across the board are seeing fewer questions from would-be customers in the second quarter when compared with the first quarter of 2016 with the exclusion of landscape and outside specialty companies.

Datawatch information from Houzz

Regional routines consistent with national. There’s a moderate weakening of self-assurance in design-related sectors of the home renovation business, and the regional pattern is consistent with the national tendency. The assurance drop was felt most powerfully in the Northeast during the second quarter; Northeastern architects reported the greatest decrease (14 percent).

Marketplace increases slowing year over year

Marketplace increases slowing year over year. The drop in dozens seen during Q2 2016 continues a yearlong routine. Assurance among design-related sectors has dropped for four straight quarters, as this graph shows. Five of the six business groups posted lesser assurance in Q2 2016 than they did in Q2 2015. The scores continue to be well above 50, suggesting that growth is continuing in 2016 but at a slower rate compared to 2015.